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“At ‘Home With Akua’, we are passionate about two things: African culture and interior design. That’s why we combined these two elements to create beautiful wall art prints that will add a touch of Africa and spice up your home. “

About Us


Akua, pronounced as Eh-Kua is a typical girl’s name which originates from the Akan tribe in Ghana. Akua means ‘Born on Wednesday’. In the Akan tribe, it is a common practice to name a child after the day of the week they were born.

Our founder was born on Wednesday, hence the name ‘Home With Akua’.

Est. 2020

Our Story

Founded in Northampton (UK), we create beautiful and modern wall art designs with a twist of Africa. Our business idea is centred around African and Afro-Inspired wall art that’s not only affordable but also complements the aesthetics of every home.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create a beautiful space that truly feels like home. That’s why at Home With Akua you will find wall art designs with a combination of African elements and modern boho and Scandinavian influences.

In our shop, you will find wall art prints & designs suited for every home and room.

Whether you’re decorating your living space, bedroom or kitchen, our African wall art will create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

We have a wide range of wall art prints and posters – From typography wall art, African print wall art and Afro-Inspired wall art with modern Boho and Scandinavian influences.

Spice up your home with ‘Home With Akua’ wall art prints and posters.

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